Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. I've owned a 36 foot coastal cruiser for the last seven years.

It's a nice boat. Sleeps four comfortably, six in a pinch. Has most of the amenities of home in a tiny package. Over the last two years, I've become less and less enamoured with it, primarily because of its limitations. Its superstructure was not designed for rough waters. Its relatively small fuel tanks provide a maximum distance of approximately miles, much less at WOT.

Also, the boat has simply become too small for us. I began looking at new models with better accommodations, updated systems with more efficient and precise maneuverability controls, eg, IPS, etc For the last year, I've been fixated on the Prestige S.

It's a 55 foot cruiser with an open concept salon and a retractable roof. It also sleeps 7 comfortably.

The problem with Prestige is their cruisers are also coastal boats. You can take them down river, and a few miles off shore, but they're not fit for the open sea.

Recently, I've been looking into trawlers. Trawlers are built for ocean sailing and circumnavigating the globe. They're structured to take a pounding and, with fuel tank capacities in the range of to gallons, are able to sail very long distances between refuels.

Another great thing about trawlers is the living accommodations can be configured to your tastes and give you the full comforts of home. Through various forums and blogs, I've been communicating with other trawler owners. Hearing and reading about their experiences and adventures has awakened something in me no, not a xenomorphand I now have a strong desire to travel the world on my own schedule.

I've already called one of the world renowned trawler builders, Nordhavn, and am going to see a Nordhavn trawler at Trawlerfest in Baltimore in September. If I like what I see, I may visit their offices and get the build process started. Nordhavn builds to order, so even if I do purchase one it'll be sometime in before it's completed, commissioned, and handed over to me.

My wife is scared because she knows when I become obsessed with something like this there's nothing she can do to dissuade me. I have zero advice, but I'm sure there are approximately 9 zillion boat owners on the internet ready with their opinions.

The one you're looking at is pretty damn big.Home Forum Gallery Library. Originally Posted by tinped.

N100 Serenity

The pictures are nice,the price is very good,yet it hasn't sold. Any opinions why? The only thing I noticed was that the stack is right in the middle of the flybridge seating. Not a very good design in my opinion,also doesn't lend itself to a bimini,which kind of make s the flybridge useless in the warmer climates. Originally Posted by sunchaser. Nine months ago a Bering 55 was discussed in a 2 page TF thread.

The usual correct? The newer builds are not from China as best I understand. Judy Waldman is the importer and listed the In the end another alternative to Nordhaven and in steel construction. The issue I see is that the NH line has established a brand and continues to build on it with major advertising thus adding resale value to their line. The competing builders have a lot of catch up to do and the buyer interested in protecting their investment may well be wise to go with the flow.

NH boats are not my kind of boat but I do recognize what the company and its branding has established. I am personally well aware of the financial risk of buying a custom off the beaten path boat and expect that buying a large low volume semi custom boat like a Bering has some similar risk.

There of course will always be individuals who will gamble or don't care about the risk myself included in that category. City: discomfort.

With all of the obstacles involved in introducing a new ship building company I think Bering is moving in the right direction. For example; Jeff Merrill, former long time Nordhavn salesman, is now representing and is collaborating with the Bering team to produce high quality steel vessels. Another example of Bering doing everything they can to build a high quality boat is evidenced by the fact they reached out to Steve D'Antonio Marine Consulting Inc.

Originally Posted by Diesel Duck The Bering 55 listed on Yachtworld is referring to a new built boat. The photos for the listing are of the first B55, which was sold last year to an Australian couple. They've just completed Nm from Singapore to Perth, Australia in 3 weeks.

They also decided to add a new bimini top to the boat. Originally Posted by Bering Yachts. Originally Posted by BandB. You're telling us the model shown in Falmouth, ME is for a new boat? I don't think so or it wouldn't read as follows: Bargain price for a lightly cruised fully equipped, proven trawler! Recent refurbishing and improvements Summer Spacious, well equipped, and economical, the Bering 55 is meant for long-range cruising. The owners are experienced cruisers having previously owned a 65' Cape Horn Trawler.Log in or Sign up.

You need to be registered and signed in to view this content. TaluantianJun 12, Joined: Jun 12, Messages: 1 Location: Kutno. I am currently gathering funds and, in the not so distant future, I should be able to choose between buying a new foot Nordhavn or Selene. I'm looking for opinions. The layout of either choice is fine. The intended use is for full time liveaboard. Wife and I. Occasional short term guests say weeks.


I doubt that we'll attempt to cross the Atlantic or Pacific. However, we may cruise as far as nm from shore when traveling long distances. We have no offshore experience. We may get confidence to then travel further afield and go through the Panama Canal to the Carribbean or along Central America. Here's what I understand are some of the pros and cons of my choices please correct me if my conclusions seem wrong. However, it seems to retain its value better than the Selene so one day should we be unable to or unwilling to continue cruising the extra cost of the Nordhavn will likely pay off on sale.

I deem this a neutral factor. The weight of similar sized boats seems to be greater and its built more solidly nice thick windows etc We hopefully won't be in any heavy seas - but if that happens and it probably willI'd like to be in a great safe boat.

This factor tends to lean towards the Nordhavn. I like having dual voltage refrigeration which seem to be easier on batts and prefer to run off of solar power and a large battery bank, cooking with propane as much as possible and using the genny to charge up as infrequently as possible.

Every Nordhavn I know of has fairly high generator needs and none that I know of have dual voltage appliances. This factor favours the Selene. But I have very limited knowledge about this. I'm assuming that the engines on both lines of boats will happily run for thousands of hours saywithout major issues or a MOH. I'm also assuming that both lines of baots are equally easy to service by an owner save and except major issues where a pro will be needed - hopefully infrequently. I'm also assuming access to parts is equal between the lines.While reading the piece, Mr.

Conconi was even more surprised that the publication chose to interview PAE and not him. The fact that Aurora flowed and made a crossing does not indicate she was complete or systems were installed or functioning. Despite the documented evidence of the incomplete status of the vessel and invoices to install and commission, PAE insisted the vessel was complete and no longer accepted responsibility.

To add insult to injury, they sued for work that was not performed and did not provide any credit for work done by Mr Conconi. PAE has repeatedly posted a video of Aurora crossing the ocean and quoted they received a positive verdict at trial. This verdict mostly was a consequence of false testimony and misrepresentation of the facts. Ultimately, the disappointing verdict in the case was a result of preplanned, personal attacks on the Conconis.

bering yachts vs nordhavn

This trial simply demonstrated the extreme extent PAW would go to avoid honoring a contact and how they avoid accepting any responsibility for finish or quality of the vessel. Conconi is a proud man. Conconi has enjoyed many of the vessels he has bought from Nordhavn — in fact, he has purchased 4 of them in the past.

Conconi has been pleased with his other Nordhavn vessels that he has purchased — but not the process of purchasing his latest Nordhavn through PAE, as the company did not complete the Vessel as promised. The truth, in Mr.

bering yachts vs nordhavn

Conconi had to perform on his vessel. NordhavnFacts is showing and warning consumers of what could happen if a purchaser prepays significantly more than the cost to complete their vessel. Nordhavn Facts believes that any individual that provides PAE funds for a future delivery of a vessel will be taking a risk that may simply repeat history. Little or none of the funds will be used to build the new vessel.

The completion of the new vessel is dependent on PAE finding more purchases down the road. This process if interrupted will result in many incomplete vessels where the cost to complete will be greater that the balance owed.

If Mr Conconi Posted a bond for any unpaid contract items and PAE was required to finish the vessel to receive the payment, the amount PAE had to invest in the completion of the build exceed the reserve for completion.

PAE did not have any working capital and by finishing the boat they would only be further in debt.The Bering 50 is a rugged steel motoryacht that embraces traditional styling cues on the exterior while offering a very contemporary and stylish interior.

This practical seagoing design offers the choice of either two or three stateroom layouts below decks. With the ability to sleep up to six and travel over 3, nautical miles non-stop she is a full displacement trawler that can travel the world.

Like all of Bering Yachts Expedition models she has been designed from the keel up to be a superb transoceanic yacht. She is perfectly capable of being handled by a crew of two given her modest size in harbor features like bow and stern thrusters.

The Bering 50 displaces almostpounds at full load making her a much heavier boat than other recreational trawlers in this size range.

The deck arrangement provides full walk around access, a real convenience when performing docking or mooring duties. Her spacious foredeck is divided by her Portuguese bridge walkway which leads around and aft to port to reach her commanding flybridge.

Up top she features a full walk-around deck, Above deck, there is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the ocean views and sea breeze. On the main outside deck you can choose to lounge either aft in the semi-covered cockpit or up forward on the settee immediately forward of the pilothouse.

The flybridge deck houses the upper steering station as well as a large U-shaped settee immediately forward of the helm chair which places everyone up top in one convenient location. Stepping inside from the cockpit you will find a spacious, bright and inviting saloon that includes an L-shaped settee to starboard which easily seats four to five adults directly across from two barrel chairs to port which can be moved over to the large fixed table during meals.

Numerous reinforced glass panel windows provide abundant natural lighting and a general sense of openness throughout both the saloon and galley. Opposite the settee centered in-between the barrel chairs is a built in cabinet which is ideal for locating a large pop-up flat screen TV. When not in use it stows inside below the window level thereby maintaining an unobstructed view. The galley shares the same space as the saloon so those preparing a meal are never isolated from the rest of the group.

The large U-design provides lots of usable counter surface for meal preparation. There is no shortage of choices for how exactly you wish to design and finish your galley.

The galley includes stone counter surfaces, tile backsplashes and wood flooring. All necessary appliances such as refrigeration with freezer, stove, range and microwave are included and you can add your choice of dishwasher and a trash compactor. Her systems and machinery design benefit from the engines being mounted aft below the saloon with plenty of room to move about for inspections.

She boast 1, gallons of diesel storage capacity in two tanks that are positioned below the waterline in order to create a lower center of gravity and much better inherent stability. With the ability to locate the engine room either aft or amidships, you have a wide variety in how you choose to situate the lower deck staterooms.

2019 Bering 50

The renderings illustrate how the layouts change based on engine location. Notice the enormous master stateroom available when the engines are mounted amidships. The stern being the most stable location on the boat underway, this would be an ideal arrangement for those who prefer a less lively sleeping experience either underway or while at anchor. Since Bering Yachts is a semicustom builder, these rendering illustrate the typical arrangements available on the Should you wish to further customize the interior with a variation on the original renderings, Bering can address those requirements to help you design exactly what you are looking for.

bering yachts vs nordhavn

Bering Yachts likes to hear what our customers want and we will not only listen and collaborate with you but welcome your input and will work hard to help you achieve a great yacht. You may have entered incorrect information or server is temporarily down.Home Forum Gallery Library. We have taken forum advice and have expanded our search for a liveaboard trawler beyond just looking at Nordhavns.

We are intrigued by a Bering 55 steel trawler for sale in Maine where we live. I can find very few reviews or input about this kind of boat. Any thoughts out there? My first look is that for that size vessel there is not very good "hang out space". Where are you going to spend an the evening with say 4 people? The day to day living area, to me would be important specifically since you are looking for a liveaboard.

I'm a little bias but take a look at a few Krogens, ie; the main cabins. Certainly a different layout. You are going to want something more than that seating in the salon if your going to live on it. Also, your family won't like cruising in that pilot house.

Only the helmsman will be able to see out the front windows. Love it Look at the shape of the hull and bow The looks and construction description suggests great level of seaworthiness.

Looks like a lot of "hangout" space outside: fore deck, aft deck, flybridge. IMO eww, there was another steel boat suggested in another thread that looked nice and was made in a country know for their steel boats, also there is a Vripack for sale in for Lauderdale that is quite nice, both which have good pedigrees.

If you even think about buying a steel boat, get copy's of the X-rays on the welds. If they're gone and can't be found I'd be a little suspicious of the quality.

There was a thread awhile back in Seahorse marine ducks that's depicted not so great welds. So I'd be Leary of chinese steel boat builders, but I have not seen Berings yard myself so I can't tell you what their standard for good quality is. Originally Posted by Mainetrawler. Random thoughts: - I'd be cautious of a steel boat built in china. Metal prep and proper pain application come to mind as areas of concern, plus welds and general steel quality. I prefer entering into the Salon.

If you can't make a PH dark without also having lights-out through the rest of the boat, then it's not a pilot house, or at least not one conducive to overnight runs. I like a PH that can be kept dark, yet allow full lighted use of the rest of the boat. My impression of the boat I saw was that it was cheaply made.

Plenty of FRP hulls have made it around the world. Too many steel vessels have welded pipe as thru hulls that if broken off from bad welds and or corrosion can ruin your day fast. A good boat is a good boat from wood to space age materials. Proper design, maintenance, systems layout and skipper in is what ultimately keeps you safe.Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the finest semi-custom steel expedition yachts and luxury steel trawler yachts ranging in size from 50 to feet.

Through all phases of the process — concept, design, engineering, and construction —our vessels are the result of collaboration by an international team of architects, engineers, and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards. We employ over hundred skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facility in Antalya, Turkey.

Structural steel and aluminum construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components make Bering Yachts capable, reliable and maximize the quality of life while at sea. Owning a Bering will deliver you with:. We gain inspiration from each client we work with, seeking first to understand individual dreams and desires, and then skillfully blending that input with the appropriate model.

This is the truest definition of a semi-custom build, an idea that each and every member of the Bering team is personally responsible for delivering. We invite you to read on and learn all you can about the two types of yachts we build for our customers: ExpeditionExploration.

Understanding why and how we build our semi-custom yachts will help you see that when the time comes to build the invincible boat of your dreams, a Bering Yacht is your ultimate choice.

Welcome To Bering Yachts An Invincible Platform for Your Next Expedition Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the finest semi-custom steel expedition yachts and luxury steel trawler yachts ranging in size from 50 to feet.

Owning a Bering will deliver you with: Superior design and engineering Simple operation and handling Unsurpassed low noise and vibration standards Low fuel consumption Outstanding seakeeping abilities We gain inspiration from each client we work with, seeking first to understand individual dreams and desires, and then skillfully blending that input with the appropriate model.

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